Many of our clients are automotive repair professionals such as new and used car dealerships, independent auto repair shops, vintage automobile restoration and customization shops. However, we also service hundreds of retail clients who want top-quality engine repairs and rebuilds – and that’s who this page of our site is really meant for. Here, we’ll give you the basics of what’s involved in a complete engine overhaul from removal to re-installation. In most cases, engine rebuilds are ready for pickup between 2-3 business days from the day your vehicle arrives. If we need to remove & reinstall the engine, then it will be ready for pickup between 5-10 business days.

Our complete engine remanufacturing process includes the following

1) Removal of the engine assembly for teardown.

All external components removed and inspected for excessive wear.

Cylinder heads, oil pan removed – block, heads disassembled for steam cleaning and inspection.

All casings magnafluxed to verify structural integrity noting what components must be repaired or replaced.

5) Engine block machining including boring and honing. 

6) Crankshaft machining including grind and micropolish bearing surfaces, chamfer oil passages.

Connecting rods machined, straightness and twist checked to confirm within specs – pistons mated to rods (new rings installed during final assembly).

Cylinder head(s) machined including resurfacing, remachining valve guides, valve seats recut (3 angle cut), install new high temp valve stem seals, replace needed valve springs. Install new camshaft/bearings (new lifters installed at final assembly).

9) Engine reassembled, new freeze plugs and oil galley plugs installed, new main and rod bearings installed. Install new timing chain/belt and related gears. 

Bench testing on our QT-100 SimTest engine testing machine for proper oiling. Valves adjusted and compression checked. Seals and gaskets inspected for proper sealing with any leaks repaired.

Final engine assembly (components that need replacement or repair are brought to your attention, replaced if approved by you).

Engine re-installed, final mechanical checks and adjustment performed followed by a thorough road test.


Take a tour of our shop and see some of the steps involved in our engine rebuilding process. 

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When you come to pick up your vehicle, we’ll go over your bill and answer any questions you may have. In addition, we’ll instruct you on how to properly break-in your newly remanufactured engine and when to get your first oil change. 

We use only high-quality or OEM parts in our rebuilds and each engine we rebuild comes with a 24 Month/24,000 Mileage Warranty. For more protection, extended warranties are available. The bottom line? Coast Motor Supply stands behind the work we do, giving you peace of mind and years of trouble free service. 

Ready to give your car or truck new life? Call us for a free quote at 1 818 703-9049 or Toll Free at 1 800 877-9054